La Romanita Restaurant & Lounge in Hialeah stirs Cuban flavors into Italian favorites


Food fusions are when you take two types of cuisine and make something super. A new restaurant in Hialeah is mixing things up and bringing together some of your favorite foods. Your stomach and your mouth can now sample the best of Europe mixed with a neighbor to the south.

They’re serving up a world of deliciousness at La Romanita in Hialeah. It’s an Italian restaurant mixed with Cuban flavors.

Alexander Ruiz: “We have many of the traditional Italian dishes you would recognize both in high-end and traditional cuisine, but we have Cuban subtle changes we add in to make it more unique and recognizable.”

These food combinations will have your taste buds thanking you.

Alexander Ruiz: “There are a lot of Mediterranean influences, specifically Italian, in Cuban cuisine and on the island, so our chef realized it would be a wonderful marriage of the two to incorporate traditional Cuban ingredients into Italian dishes.”

They’ve got dishes you know and love … but with a twist.

Alexander Ruiz: “In the carbonara, instead of using a traditional pancetta, we are substituting that and using a Cuban smoked pork chop that has traditional spices like cumin.”

J.C. De Ona: “The Cuban smoked pork chop gives it that different flavor in the dish that is absolutely delicious.”

If you like fish, you’ll be passionate about this one.

Alexander Ruiz: “The Crudo Mixture is a trio of freshly cut fish with branzino, which is a traditional Mediterranean fish, Italian fish, along with tuna and salmon, and we top it with spicy oil and a passion fruit dressing. Passion fruit is a tropical dish and used in many Cuban cuisines.”

Mamma mia! Check out this pie-in-the-sky idea.

Alexander Ruiz: “One of our pizzas that we are very proud of is the Vaca Frita Pizza, which is shredded meat with Cuban spices.”

La Romanita is even a home run with the locals. Just ask Marlins great Alex Fernandez.

Alex Fernandez: “You really don’t expect this in Hialeah, but it’s a great restaurant, great food, great people around us. You gotta try it. It’s really good.”

La Romanita Restaurant & Lounge
7755 W 4th Ave.
Hialeah, FL 33014